We locals don't fare worse in innovation, when we put our heart to it. I found this ring pillow featured in ExtraOrdinary Weddings. Turned out it was done up by Idea Inn, a local wedding planner service.It is in line with the theme of an eco-green tranquility. Kudos to self-expression! That's snake grass by the way.






You want to tell your guests when they arrive, Welcome to Our Wedding. All the more you want to make sure they feel assured that it is the right place, especially when it's a "hot" day and there's more than 1 bridal couple sharing the same hotel, same floor, ballrooms next to each other etc.

Short of pulling out a A4 size paper with names scribbled on it, take advantage of signages as decorations or even complementing your wedding theme.

Get a carplate made, involve it in your photoshoot, put it up as a signage for the dinner and after the event, put it up on the wall in your new love nest. Multi-Purpose!

My artistic sister drew a couple caricature for us for use on our Solemnization Day. She requested two pictures of us, used watercolors to give some texture feel, cut out pictures of roses and precious moments to give more layering effects. Our florist then put up the picture on the wall, with two richly coloured rose petals taped next to it. It drew marvels from our guests that day.

Wedding movie posters have been a rather popular sights in recent times. I guess the saying is that life is like a movie. And after all, weddings can be pretty egoistic. I spotted this arty poster that looks like some award-winning movie from Picturehouse in printpalette.


The Wedding Manual Wedlogging welcomes a new co-author, my friend, ILANE!

I know her all the way from junior college times when we were struggling with studies, fancying boys, going gaga over the latest shoes, socks, bags etc. Then we lost touch for many years and until most recently, we found each other on Blogs and Facebook. Some things don't change. We still talk about men and fashion.

Now, ilane is staying with her husband in the States and is freaky busy preparing for the wedding in LA. Wedding preparations in the States is a whole lot different from what we get in Singapore. The brides-to-be are much more proactively involved in the States. They focus on themes, look into minute details like tablecloths, personalized tags and favours, going to the extent of choosing their own hairdo, seeking high and low for the perfect gown and shoes. Having browsed through so many wedding sites from the States, it made me feel that a wedding is truly a matter of self-expression, independence and freedom. That's something we locals can reference from.

And I thought, why not get Ilane to share her experiences of organizing a wedding in LA? This lady is just spilling with ideas. So, Welcome Onboard, Ilane!


I thought this one makes a very unique corsage for the bridesmaids and can be a gift token to them too. It can record up to 10 seconds. And definitely more personalized than flowers.


As part of sharing your joy with the guests, you might want to tell them about you and your life partner, how both of you go together, what are the desirable or undesirable stuffs about each other etc. Photo montages is a popular practice. For those who seek a more humorous, less geeky, cuter look, animations are recommended. Guests appreciate such entertainment and you have a memorable keepsake after the event. Animations is a channel of communication to your guests, keeping your wedding theme coherent and understandable.

Coffee & Tea Dreamworks offer 4 kinds of animation -  cartoon, head-toon, special and photo. Each animation lasts 3 to 5 minutes and follow a storyline that the bride and bridegroom will write to the producers at least 2 months before the presentation. The mascots are personalized and you get to select two songs for the animation.

For a DIY couple, the online DIY Love Story offers 2 types of cartoon animation, manga or chibi style and charges according to number of scenes. With the mascots done up by you yourself, you can even use it for posters at the event. Sweet.


We are too familiar with the dating scenes (or the lack of it) in Singapore and how the local men have to marry overseas brides and how the local women lament the lack of appropriately accepting men.  Jessica Hagy couldn't have made it more succinct.


I was doing random surfing on this Sunday morning. In the least likely place to learn about weddings and marriages, I saw this article.

Give-And-Take: Recipe for Success in Marriage?    by: Azriel Winnett

A woman once visited a counselor to ask a question about her marriage. I have a funny feeling that you might not be especially impressed with the answer she was given.

All the same, I'll take my chances. I think my shoulders are broad enough.

I stand by the counselor's response 100%.

The questioner (let's call her Jane) was married to a divorcee. Her husband (John) had to pay a certain sum of money every month to his previous wife as alimony, or whatever. He had just started a new business and was passing through a financial sticky patch. The obligation to his ex-wife, on top of everything else, was putting John under a lot of pressure.

Jane was a working person and gladly helped to pay the family debts. She never thought twice about it. But could she be expected to contribute in this case?

Surely, reasoned Jane, her husband's financial commitment to somebody to whom he had been married previously had nothing to do with her? Yes, she and John were life partners and she was happy to share all his burdens. But even for what happened in a previous life, so to speak? Wasn't that going too far?

'I must confess I don't really understand your question,' the counselor gently told Jane after listening intently to her dilemma.

'You and John are husband and wife. John has a debt. He's struggling to pay it. What difference does it make what the debt is for? It's a debt, period!'

The counselor smiled warmly at Jane before she continued. 'His problems are your problems. You're in this together. Why on earth shouldn't you help pay the debt? If, after all, it's difficult for you to accept this, it must be that there's some deeper problem in your marriage...'

And that's it.

Now, it's important not to misunderstand the counselor, or me. I don't want your blood pressure to hit the roof! We have to keep cool heads and put everything in the proper perspective.

First of all, she wasn't implying, of course, that John now had a licence to sit back, put his legs up, and meditate blissfully about the higher meaning of life, while his dear and ever obliging spouse worked like a donkey to pay the price of his past.

Not at all. I should think that's pretty obvious, but I have to stress it just in case.

Secondly, when we talk about husband and wife being full partners in the business of living, about sharing each other's burdens - financial or otherwise - no less than each other's joys, we are not saying for one moment that either party must contribute more than is reasonable.

In the case of our story, Jane was a high-earning professional. In other instances, a wife may bring in little or no income, for any of a number of reasons. It may not be desirable that she be working at all.

But that's hardly the point. We're talking of quality, rather than quantity. One can only do what one can, but it's the real desire to help that counts. And contributing doesn't only mean money.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't really like the use of the word PARTNER in connection with marriage.

True, we've used it up to now, for want of a better term. It does come in handy to describe a good marriage relationship, up to a point.

Yet, I hardly think that an ideal marriage relationship is a 'partnership' in the same sense that we talk about a business partnership, for example. Not at all. When we think of a partnership, we usually think about a contract between two parties. A 50-50 sharing of responsibilities,or the like.

A little confused? Well, let me explain!

Do you have children? Good! Do you love them?

'What a question!' you exclaim, 'Gee, how I love them!'

'Don't you know the sacrifices we made for them? From the moment they came into this world, when they depended on us for their very survival, my spouse and I gave them our all. Just as much as a whimper from them in the middle of the night, and we were there to attend to their needs. Even now, they may disappoint us, anger us or hurt us, but we continue to cater to their every whim...Do you need any greater proof that we love them!'

So...is that why you've done so much for them - because you love them so much?

Could be. But even more, I'd say it's the other way round: You love them so intensely BECAUSE you've done so much for them!

This is nothing more or less than human nature, and I think there's a great lesson for us here. We need to think about this very carefully.

Sometimes, when two people begin to think about marrying each other, they think in terms of some business arrangement. Whether they verbally express it that way or not, their minds work something along these lines:

'You have needs and I have needs. Maybe, if I satisfy yours, you will satisfy mine. You wash the dishes and I'll pay the rent. Sundays to Tuesdays I'll take out the garbage, and for the remainder of the week you will. Other duties will be divided by mutual consent. For every suit I buy, you can buy two pairs of shoes...'

If this is the marriage you want, good luck to you! It's a free world. But will you be happy? I mean, really happy? I wonder.

Many people will tell you that for a happy marriage, you need what they describe as 'give-and-take'.

Give and take? Nonsense! Forget about it!

What you need is 'give and give.' And give again. And again.

That's the royal road to happiness.




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The less endowed brides would love some extra cleavage when they wear the sexy evening gowns. Some brides are paranoid enough to feel that the rented gown's cups might not have been washed properly. So brides gotta need some extra help.

Apparently, one of the locals' popular choice is NuBra. It is self-adhesive, washable, backless, strapless, invisible under any clothing and has a front closure that offers cleavage and lift. Now there is an enhanced version NuBra Feather-Lite which is 70% lighter than the original version. After wash, the adhesive regenerates itself. Cool.

Victoria's Secret self-adhesive silicone bra cup gives a natural feel and cleavage. It's washable for up to 100 times. Nice packaging.

For a fix found nearby, Triumph gives a stick-on bra with maximizer effect. It can be washed 150 times. The adhesive is also an auto-generative like NuBra.


Literally. Imagine as part of the wedding reception, you have a table arrangement made of dipped fruits, marshmellows etc. Very eye pleasing, very memorable and definitely more practical than flowers! Edible Arrangements, aptly named.

Berry Chocolate Bouquet filled "with fresh strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple daisies, cantaloupe and grapes."

"A beautiful array of chocolate dipped apples topped with a special cinnamon blend, pineapple daisies, strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes and fresh orange slices presented in a keepsake metal centerpiece container."


Oily skin is a bane to every bride. After the make-up is set in the early morning, it takes just a few more hours of photoshoot or on the actual day, for the face to look like a frying pan. My skin is super oily and since eons ago, I have been always on the lookout for good oil control products. Very few make the mark, to be honest.

A colleague recommended FANCL Cleartune Oil Control Powder to me and since then, I am addicted. It is used after application of the sunblock and comes with a mirror. The powder is greenish but will not make your skin look green. In fact, it can even the reddish patches on the skin to give a more even tone.
"Each powder particle contains countless minute holes which enable absorption of oil & dirt. Only mildly acidic, it is free of preservatives, sterilizers, petroleum surfactants, fragrances and mineral oil."

After the make-up artist has set the make-up for the day in the early morning, chances are the oil will start to show and make-up might even run a bit after a few hours. Touch-up with MAC Blot Powder. It does not add any other colour to the skin. "Blot Powder contains Mica and Silica to adsorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin's surface." This product had 623 reviews with 81% indicating they would buy it again. Not bad.

For more extreme measures, consider Mesobotox. The Sloane Clinic is one of the certified aesthetic clinics to offer it.

"Microinjections of very small doses of botox with generous doses of vitamins and hyaluronic acid are distributed superficially all over the face to diminish fine wrinkles without muscle paralysis and to improve sheen of the skin. Patients report that their pores are visibly smaller, their skin less oily and more translucent after the treatment! Patients also feel that their face looks "lifted" & firmer and their skin texture more refined after a session of this innovative treatment. "


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