The thing about weddings is that every small little thing can be so beautiful. Even the pillow that holds the ring before the latter gets onto your finger.

And the trick is not to think of it as a pillow.

The florist from Redbox knows how to combine nature with eternity. The colours are so vibrant and cheery.

I saw this in Style Me Pretty. It is a very simple DIY project, theme-related and so creative (plus cheap to make!).

I don't know about you but I have never seen such a quiet, unassuming ring pillow but yet speak of romance, gentleness that gives you a little flutter in the heart. Perfect for a Tiffany blue theme.

But if you want personalization and to keep it forever, nothing beats having your own name on it. There are many online local vendors who offer this service.


This is simple. Related adjectives:
Smooth, poreless-looking, luminous, radiant, clear, firm, taut, fair / tan, elastic, hydrated, matt, even tone etc etc etc.

Our demands never cease. No wonder the global beauty industry is forever coming up with newer products and we, consumers, continue to patronize.

But after the milk scare in China, I am even more convinced to use nothing but organic products or products invented and endorsed by aesthetic doctors. And I am biased. I avoid any facial product that is made in China, no apologies.

I don't buy into the extraction method which supposedly clear the blackheads and whiteheads. All the salons I went to, from those big and famous ones to the small boutique kinds, gave me more potholes after the dreadful extraction. It also never help the oily skin problem too. And to my horror, one beautician actually picked at my pimple. It's a big No-No. I like Dr Low's DIY method of putting a ice pack on it. (Read my book)

Lasers are more consistent and got the benefit of skin renewal and stimulated collagen production, and thus giving firmer skin in the long run. But I am also wary of the side effects and downtime. The trick is to schedule regular sessions every three months and one laser session at least 10 days before the big day to allow dead skin to flake off, redness to clear. Do remember to apply plenty of sunscreen (SPF 30 at least).

I love facial scrubs, especially those with very small, pefectly round beads. Makeup looks more glowing on a face without the layer of dead cells.

Diet must be sensible. While scientific studies have proven that water doesn't hydrate the skin significantly, it can definitely detox. Ideal for weight loss and aids clarity in the skin. Lastly, don't take too much sugar. That includes sweets, chocolates, sugary drinks. Over-intake of sugar leads to loose skin, especially at the neck. You don't wish to look like a turkey on your Big Day.


Brides, while you happily look for some Cinderella bridal shoes that have your butt perky and body slimmer-looking, remember to get your husband-to-be to try standing next to you while you are testing out the shoes.

He might be needing some extra height unless you don't mind towering over him.

Either he can get shoes with higher soles or stackable insoles.

Walking Tall is quite a popular choice among bridegrooms, public speakers and any guy who wants to look taller than he really is. After all, it is said that the height is a reflection of power, authority and even hierarchy in an organization. The shop sells men shoes that give a height increase of between 6 to 10 cm. I've been to the shop before and the fashion is pretty updated.

But if you don't wish to spend over a hundred dollar on a pair of shoes that you think you are not going to wear again, consider stackable insoles. They can increase the height by 2.54 to 5.08 cm. According to the manufacturer, the insoles can also increase comfort, absorb impact, reduce foot fatigue and joint pain. Not bad for an Actual Day wedding event if the groom is going to be on the feet for long hours.


I know I know, it's common to get a mock wedding cake or a multiple-tier cake where the bottom tiers are mock and only the top tier is real. Then the practice is that the bride and bridegroom should go up the stage to pretend to cut the cake after the march-in ceremony.

The act of making the first cut into the cake is to symbolize a shared future. It makes a nice gesture. Supposedly, there is a continuation to the tradition where the bride and bridegroom will feed each other the cake to symbolize that the groom will provide for the bride and the bride will share her possessions with him (not too sure if all girls want that). The rest of the cake is shared among the guests. The bridesmaids get to have some fun when they are supposed to be able to find something in the cake they received. It could be a tiny engagement ring (signifying the next to marry), a heart (she'll fall in love soon) or even a clover leaf (plenty of luck!). It is supposed to be that entertaining, joyous and fun.

But to cut into a fake cake...does that mean to pretend to share a future? And you definitely can't distribute the fake cakes or feed each other that. The practice has really turned into the case of "do for the sake of doing". *Shudder* This industry is somehow pretty adept at that.

Yet, the cons of having a real cake are cost and wastage. A real, multiple-tier cake that feeds 100 people, can cost around S$1,000. And hardly any guests got more stomach for cakes after the 8 to 10-course dinner.

From Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie, my all-time favourite image which I go goo-goo over.

Wedding cupcakes are excellent alternatives though. They cost probably half of that of a wedding cake and be brought back by the guests with ease. The guests could find some stuffs beneath each of their cupcakes. Who knows, one could create some games to get the guests more involved, spreading the excitement and joy. You can also select or even self-design the cupcakes for variety in colors, flavours, or to match your wedding theme.

From Cake Avenue, simple, sweet, perfect for a theme of vibrant colours.

From Fine Wedding Cakes. This would suit a white or colonial themed wedding.

From Cupcake Momma. Multiple-tier for effects of grandeur with a slight cutsie feel.


If we assume there is a happily ever after...(after all, this is why we still believe in marriage)...

...then, you are not likely to sell off those 4 pieces of jeweleries you got from your in-laws, parents or husband. They will be held on for a lifetime out of sentiments. After all, they are a symbol of sincerity, "welcome to our home" and wealth. Then the next question is, do you want to keep it hidden away or proud to wear it out everyday, on special occasions etc?

I would rather wear it out. So there, the criteria is 1) wearable, 2) not too cheapo, but still within means, 3)can last a lifetime in terms of look, feel and durability.

My Mother-In-Law instructed me to choose what I like, and they will pay for it. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't know how crazy I can be when it comes to jewelries...My research so far and narrowed selection from Poh Heng, eClarity and Citigems:

Poh Heng has some pretty stylish ones.

They even came up with Si Dian Zuan 四点钻, i.e. diamonds.

If you like a mixture of gold and diamond, eClarity has this lovely set...

Be more creative and daring. Get sapphires, emeralds, citrine, pink diamonds etc! (Picture from eClarity)

Or do some mix and match, play with designs, make it even more flexible. You got to have the most creative and stylish si dian jin ever. (Picture from Citigems)


...and you must have a white gown, be sure to know that there are many shades of white in the market.

Ilane guided me to this link to find the right white.


No, not the gunpowder kind but the harmless and sweet rose petal cannons. In our own attempt to cut cost, we were exploring DIY methods and chanced upon Simply Rose Petals. Something like party poppers, just imagine the sprays of rose petals with the glorious festive sound of pop pop pop!
One thing about the rose petals is that they won't stain and perfectly eco-friendly, being 100% biodegradable.

FAQ I got from the site
How many Rose Petal Cannons do I need?
For a good photographic effect we recommend 3 to 6 cannons. Most couples like to treat the bridal party or close family members to a cannon.
Do the Rose Petal Cannons make a loud noise?
The cannons make a bit of a bang when they are released but it is not loud enough to scare anyone.
Can you release the Rose Petal Cannons more than once?
No. The Rose Petal Cannons are single release only.
When should we release the Rose Petal Cannons?
Typically you release the cannons when you exit the ceremony or during the photo shoot. However, many couples have released them when they're kissing at the alter, cutting the cake, announcing their arrival, during the bridal waltz or for the proposal.
TIP: make sure you let your photographer know that you're using the cannons so he/she can capture their release on film.


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