Oily skin is a bane to every bride. After the make-up is set in the early morning, it takes just a few more hours of photoshoot or on the actual day, for the face to look like a frying pan. My skin is super oily and since eons ago, I have been always on the lookout for good oil control products. Very few make the mark, to be honest.

A colleague recommended FANCL Cleartune Oil Control Powder to me and since then, I am addicted. It is used after application of the sunblock and comes with a mirror. The powder is greenish but will not make your skin look green. In fact, it can even the reddish patches on the skin to give a more even tone.
"Each powder particle contains countless minute holes which enable absorption of oil & dirt. Only mildly acidic, it is free of preservatives, sterilizers, petroleum surfactants, fragrances and mineral oil."

After the make-up artist has set the make-up for the day in the early morning, chances are the oil will start to show and make-up might even run a bit after a few hours. Touch-up with MAC Blot Powder. It does not add any other colour to the skin. "Blot Powder contains Mica and Silica to adsorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin's surface." This product had 623 reviews with 81% indicating they would buy it again. Not bad.

For more extreme measures, consider Mesobotox. The Sloane Clinic is one of the certified aesthetic clinics to offer it.

"Microinjections of very small doses of botox with generous doses of vitamins and hyaluronic acid are distributed superficially all over the face to diminish fine wrinkles without muscle paralysis and to improve sheen of the skin. Patients report that their pores are visibly smaller, their skin less oily and more translucent after the treatment! Patients also feel that their face looks "lifted" & firmer and their skin texture more refined after a session of this innovative treatment. "


This is simple. Related adjectives:
Smooth, poreless-looking, luminous, radiant, clear, firm, taut, fair / tan, elastic, hydrated, matt, even tone etc etc etc.

Our demands never cease. No wonder the global beauty industry is forever coming up with newer products and we, consumers, continue to patronize.

But after the milk scare in China, I am even more convinced to use nothing but organic products or products invented and endorsed by aesthetic doctors. And I am biased. I avoid any facial product that is made in China, no apologies.

I don't buy into the extraction method which supposedly clear the blackheads and whiteheads. All the salons I went to, from those big and famous ones to the small boutique kinds, gave me more potholes after the dreadful extraction. It also never help the oily skin problem too. And to my horror, one beautician actually picked at my pimple. It's a big No-No. I like Dr Low's DIY method of putting a ice pack on it. (Read my book)

Lasers are more consistent and got the benefit of skin renewal and stimulated collagen production, and thus giving firmer skin in the long run. But I am also wary of the side effects and downtime. The trick is to schedule regular sessions every three months and one laser session at least 10 days before the big day to allow dead skin to flake off, redness to clear. Do remember to apply plenty of sunscreen (SPF 30 at least).

I love facial scrubs, especially those with very small, pefectly round beads. Makeup looks more glowing on a face without the layer of dead cells.

Diet must be sensible. While scientific studies have proven that water doesn't hydrate the skin significantly, it can definitely detox. Ideal for weight loss and aids clarity in the skin. Lastly, don't take too much sugar. That includes sweets, chocolates, sugary drinks. Over-intake of sugar leads to loose skin, especially at the neck. You don't wish to look like a turkey on your Big Day.


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