Isn't this the cutest cake topper ever? You can have them customise to fit your bride&groom attire. Buy here.

Mints for you? 10/07/2008

These are gorgeous cake stands but put some candies/mints in them, place them on your guest sign in table and you will have a sweet touch your guests will appreciate.

~ Ilane

Chill with Roses 10/07/2008

It is almost a "must-do" ritual to toast during the wedding banquet. Champagne bottles are typically presented to you in a bucket of ice. Let's be more visual and enhance the presentation with roses.

"Now the groom and the bride will pour the champagne and let's toast together, wishing them a rosy future ahead!"

To make this, refer to Jonathan Fong Style.


I have finally found some locals doing the umbrella thing too! Found in the portfolio from Let There Be Light.

Bridesmen in blue with cartoon-printed umbrellas, dancing and singing?


Cinderella finally found her Prince Charming. They married and lived happily ever after. What's more fitting than to have seats designated just for Cinderella and Prince Charming? I found this in the portfolio from ImageGarden Photography.


My favorite line is "Nothing is too small to be neglected in a wedding". What's more if it's the attire of the bridesmaids and bridesmen. Some couples have deep pockets to have uniform dresses and shirts, coats made or rented for their supporting crew. For those who don't, there are minute details like the men's ties, the women's hair accessories or even umbrellas (yes, again!).

Black for the bridesmaids, white for the bride. Big contrasts make the bride stand out even more. Though the Chinese' older generations might not like it a lot.

This blue and brown theme is lovely. To cut costs, you can just get common ties that are blue and brown with the bridesmen's own white shirts.

Even if the bridesmen are not willing to carry pink umbrellas, during the test to prove the groom is worthy of the bride, the bridesmaids can force them to dance with it. Coupled with pink striped ties and white shirts, what a fresh picture it makes!

Don't forget your dog if you have one.

Oh Rainy Day 10/01/2008

Brides and grooms tend to worry about the weather. Too hot, sweat like pig. Too gloomy, bad for photography. Rain, go home and cry. Ok, I am exaggerating but you get my drift. Weather is even more important when you hold an alfresco wedding. But the Italians have this saying, a wet bride is a lucky bride. And I heard of another saying of how rain is a shower of blessings. Of course, never forget to look snazzy even if it rains. Umbrellas are really useful for that effect. Remember to prepare in advance if your wedding is during the monsoon period.

Found in Style Me Pretty. Stock up on pink umbrellas to contrast the colours worn by your bridesmaids. Giordano pinks are pretty nice.

Add in some bright blues among the pink for a more photographic effect. Also from Style Me Pretty.

This was the wedding for a couple celebrities. Go green.


Clarie seems to be deep in the search for unique ring pillows. So I am throwing 2 more in the mix. I think the pebble ring holder is a subtle way to say 'You are my rock...'

~ Ilane


A little white ceramic bowl with holes to tie the rings to and best of all, you can customize the bowl with your own loving words.


We locals don't fare worse in innovation, when we put our heart to it. I found this ring pillow featured in ExtraOrdinary Weddings. Turned out it was done up by Idea Inn, a local wedding planner service.It is in line with the theme of an eco-green tranquility. Kudos to self-expression! That's snake grass by the way.


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