We all know how the most beautiful shoes can be such a pain for the feet. I don't know how the ladies in Sex and The City pulled it off in those killer heels, but I am sure the orthopedist would not have approved of it. Brides-to-be who are going to be on their feet more than anyone else, do take comfort into consideration!

Kiera Air Sandal, a product collaboration by Cole Haan and Nike Air. It has a concealed air cushioning, meaning, you can jump and run in this pair of heels!

Rainbow Club, a shoemaker based in UK, is well-known for comfort fit for brides. For those whose feet shape are like mine, i.e. wide, Rainbow Club has some designs just for that. Best of all, the shoes are guaranteed to be dyeable, meaning you're going to get some extra miles for the shoes after the wedding. Or maybe if you decide to take up our idea of a colorful wedding shoes!


From Paris Fashion Week Spring Collection 2009. I would love to wear these as my wedding heels! What do you think?

Alexander McQueen Amber Heels

Alexander McQueen Tornado Heels

Lanvin Bejewelled Pumps

Miu Miu Bow Heel

YSL Fetility Goddess Heels. Now, this is one shoe your parents would love for you to wear!


Since Clarie brought up the topic of money smarts, I have 2 money saving discoveries to share with you!

We all know that even the cheapest rented gowns start from around $1000 which is a lot of money... So how can we get our dream dresses AND not bust our budget in these tough times?

Take a guess at how much these 2 dresses cost.

I would have thought the first dress, with its details and lace, would be more expensive than the second. In reality, first dress from A Sprinkling of Magic is less than S$200 while the other dress from designer Jenny Packham would set you back at US$4500!!!

So if you are looking for a steal without sacrificing design, local is the way to go.  A Sprinkling of Magic produces ethereal one of a kind gowns all below S$200. Another great place is Bridal Closet, a one stop shop with a wider range of offerings from sweet ROM dresses to princess gowns to evening wear to glamourous gowns for Mums and Mums in laws! They are all for rent so you don't have to worry about gown preservation after your big day. At prices below S$400, none of them will make a dent in your pocket.

~ Ilane


Fret not, my dear. Put these lovely shoe clips on and run along to the ball.

While I was searching high and low for the perfect wedding shoes, I came across these sparkly shoe clips as an alternative. I love the vintage-ness of the bow pair!!! Unfortunately you would really need a fairy godmother as they are only available in US. If you are interested, drop Claire and I a note at TheWeddingManual@gmail.com. 

~ Ilane

** If you have read The Wedding Manual, Belinda of Loe and Behold is a favourite who can definitely help you create your own 'glass slipper'!


My favorite line is "Nothing is too small to be neglected in a wedding". What's more if it's the attire of the bridesmaids and bridesmen. Some couples have deep pockets to have uniform dresses and shirts, coats made or rented for their supporting crew. For those who don't, there are minute details like the men's ties, the women's hair accessories or even umbrellas (yes, again!).

Black for the bridesmaids, white for the bride. Big contrasts make the bride stand out even more. Though the Chinese' older generations might not like it a lot.

This blue and brown theme is lovely. To cut costs, you can just get common ties that are blue and brown with the bridesmen's own white shirts.

Even if the bridesmen are not willing to carry pink umbrellas, during the test to prove the groom is worthy of the bride, the bridesmaids can force them to dance with it. Coupled with pink striped ties and white shirts, what a fresh picture it makes!

Don't forget your dog if you have one.


Nothing is too small to be ignored in a wedding. And definitely not the wrist corsage for your bridesmaid. I chanced upon this site totally dedicated to Wrist Corsage and boy, am I impressed. Brides who want to be free of holding the bouquet can consider a gorgeous wrist corsage instead. Currently, I do still have a corsage as a door handle decoration in my house.


I see a trend of wearing bright shoes under a wedding dress. See if these gorgeous shots doesn't inspire you?

Guys need not feel left out either. How about some snazzy socks or brogues?

Makes for beautiful photography and this is a great way to wear your wedding colours!

~ Ilane


I thought this one makes a very unique corsage for the bridesmaids and can be a gift token to them too. It can record up to 10 seconds. And definitely more personalized than flowers.




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The less endowed brides would love some extra cleavage when they wear the sexy evening gowns. Some brides are paranoid enough to feel that the rented gown's cups might not have been washed properly. So brides gotta need some extra help.

Apparently, one of the locals' popular choice is NuBra. It is self-adhesive, washable, backless, strapless, invisible under any clothing and has a front closure that offers cleavage and lift. Now there is an enhanced version NuBra Feather-Lite which is 70% lighter than the original version. After wash, the adhesive regenerates itself. Cool.

Victoria's Secret self-adhesive silicone bra cup gives a natural feel and cleavage. It's washable for up to 100 times. Nice packaging.

For a fix found nearby, Triumph gives a stick-on bra with maximizer effect. It can be washed 150 times. The adhesive is also an auto-generative like NuBra.


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