Groomerella.... 09/23/2008

Brides, while you happily look for some Cinderella bridal shoes that have your butt perky and body slimmer-looking, remember to get your husband-to-be to try standing next to you while you are testing out the shoes.

He might be needing some extra height unless you don't mind towering over him.

Either he can get shoes with higher soles or stackable insoles.

Walking Tall is quite a popular choice among bridegrooms, public speakers and any guy who wants to look taller than he really is. After all, it is said that the height is a reflection of power, authority and even hierarchy in an organization. The shop sells men shoes that give a height increase of between 6 to 10 cm. I've been to the shop before and the fashion is pretty updated.

But if you don't wish to spend over a hundred dollar on a pair of shoes that you think you are not going to wear again, consider stackable insoles. They can increase the height by 2.54 to 5.08 cm. According to the manufacturer, the insoles can also increase comfort, absorb impact, reduce foot fatigue and joint pain. Not bad for an Actual Day wedding event if the groom is going to be on the feet for long hours.


...and you must have a white gown, be sure to know that there are many shades of white in the market.

Ilane guided me to this link to find the right white.


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