...for our Wedding. How?

Remember how ilane showed how the shower party for the bridal couple can be in a movie setting? To continue the movie theme, present your guests movie tickets to attend the banquet. Perfect for movie buffs couple.

Found in Bliss Weddings.


I have finally found some locals doing the umbrella thing too! Found in the portfolio from Let There Be Light.

Bridesmen in blue with cartoon-printed umbrellas, dancing and singing?


Cinderella finally found her Prince Charming. They married and lived happily ever after. What's more fitting than to have seats designated just for Cinderella and Prince Charming? I found this in the portfolio from ImageGarden Photography.


We like this particular thing called the personal touch. After all, we are quite sick of receiving wedding favors that are borne out of mass production. Candles, salt and pepper shakers, wine shots, cap openers, paperweights, coasters....it's getting predictable.

How about badges? It is easy and cheap to personalize them. Badges with a personal message, a caricature, cartoons or something to do with LOVE? Oh one more thing, please try not to print your picture on the badge though... as much as your guests love you, it's way too egoistic, not unless you are a superstar and you invited your fans.

Apparently, the couple had literally personalized every badge for each guest. Guest A likes cars a lot, so get him a badge displaying cars and so on. I call that overwhelming sincerity.

I found this in Esty's Button Empire. Though it says nothing about the bride and the groom, the message brings cheer to the guests. This is what I call, putting your ego aside.

If you have a themed wedding, good for you! Badges can be easily made to be in sync with the theme. In this case, the couple is a pair of nature lovers and hence the flora and fauna. Found also in Button Empire.

To print in volumes and save shipping costs, online stores are worth a try. Printeet allows free shipping and according to the lady boss, volume discounts are applicable. You can simply upload your desired picture, add in a message if you wish.


My favorite line is "Nothing is too small to be neglected in a wedding". What's more if it's the attire of the bridesmaids and bridesmen. Some couples have deep pockets to have uniform dresses and shirts, coats made or rented for their supporting crew. For those who don't, there are minute details like the men's ties, the women's hair accessories or even umbrellas (yes, again!).

Black for the bridesmaids, white for the bride. Big contrasts make the bride stand out even more. Though the Chinese' older generations might not like it a lot.

This blue and brown theme is lovely. To cut costs, you can just get common ties that are blue and brown with the bridesmen's own white shirts.

Even if the bridesmen are not willing to carry pink umbrellas, during the test to prove the groom is worthy of the bride, the bridesmaids can force them to dance with it. Coupled with pink striped ties and white shirts, what a fresh picture it makes!

Don't forget your dog if you have one.


To add on to ilane's cute cute picture of aisle decoration, try umbrellas! Yeah, I am crazy over umbrellas now. The color combination of pink and orange looks good too.


Instead of the usual floral decorations along the aisle, try colourful lanterns instead These are easy to create and adds an eye-catching pop of colour.
~ Ilane


I see a trend of wearing bright shoes under a wedding dress. See if these gorgeous shots doesn't inspire you?

Guys need not feel left out either. How about some snazzy socks or brogues?

Makes for beautiful photography and this is a great way to wear your wedding colours!

~ Ilane


Or were theatres your favourite paktor spot? Why not consider a movie-themed wedding then?

Throw a Popcorn + Martini party for all your girlfriends at The Screening Room. Book their private theatre, indulge in Sex and The City, chick flicks or slasher flicks and scream the house down.

After that, adjourn to the Rooftop bar with gorgeous views of the city and thrash the bride! Same for the bachelor. Though the choice of drinks and movies might be different. Or not. ;)

 While we are on Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, why not host a couple shower? Since the Jie Meis and Siong Dis typically don't run in the same circles, it would be a great chance for your bridesmaids to get to know your groomsmen.  And who knows, the Jie Meis can take the opportunity to suss the guys out and modify their door games accordingly! Just a thought.

For invitations, look for inspiration in the old school movie ticket or favourite movie poster. Bride on a budget? Ask around for a Poly graphic design student to customise an invitation for you.

And lastly, isn't a popcorn table number just a fabulous idea? Something to fill up the guests too as they wait for dinner to start. Can even personalise with your wedding photo shoots on the other side.

~ Ilane


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