Bra! 09/26/2008

The less endowed brides would love some extra cleavage when they wear the sexy evening gowns. Some brides are paranoid enough to feel that the rented gown's cups might not have been washed properly. So brides gotta need some extra help.

Apparently, one of the locals' popular choice is NuBra. It is self-adhesive, washable, backless, strapless, invisible under any clothing and has a front closure that offers cleavage and lift. Now there is an enhanced version NuBra Feather-Lite which is 70% lighter than the original version. After wash, the adhesive regenerates itself. Cool.

Victoria's Secret self-adhesive silicone bra cup gives a natural feel and cleavage. It's washable for up to 100 times. Nice packaging.

For a fix found nearby, Triumph gives a stick-on bra with maximizer effect. It can be washed 150 times. The adhesive is also an auto-generative like NuBra.



Wed, 02 Jun 2010 15:48:26

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