No, not the gunpowder kind but the harmless and sweet rose petal cannons. In our own attempt to cut cost, we were exploring DIY methods and chanced upon Simply Rose Petals. Something like party poppers, just imagine the sprays of rose petals with the glorious festive sound of pop pop pop!
One thing about the rose petals is that they won't stain and perfectly eco-friendly, being 100% biodegradable.

FAQ I got from the site
How many Rose Petal Cannons do I need?
For a good photographic effect we recommend 3 to 6 cannons. Most couples like to treat the bridal party or close family members to a cannon.
Do the Rose Petal Cannons make a loud noise?
The cannons make a bit of a bang when they are released but it is not loud enough to scare anyone.
Can you release the Rose Petal Cannons more than once?
No. The Rose Petal Cannons are single release only.
When should we release the Rose Petal Cannons?
Typically you release the cannons when you exit the ceremony or during the photo shoot. However, many couples have released them when they're kissing at the alter, cutting the cake, announcing their arrival, during the bridal waltz or for the proposal.
TIP: make sure you let your photographer know that you're using the cannons so he/she can capture their release on film.



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