If we assume there is a happily ever after...(after all, this is why we still believe in marriage)...

...then, you are not likely to sell off those 4 pieces of jeweleries you got from your in-laws, parents or husband. They will be held on for a lifetime out of sentiments. After all, they are a symbol of sincerity, "welcome to our home" and wealth. Then the next question is, do you want to keep it hidden away or proud to wear it out everyday, on special occasions etc?

I would rather wear it out. So there, the criteria is 1) wearable, 2) not too cheapo, but still within means, 3)can last a lifetime in terms of look, feel and durability.

My Mother-In-Law instructed me to choose what I like, and they will pay for it. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't know how crazy I can be when it comes to jewelries...My research so far and narrowed selection from Poh Heng, eClarity and Citigems:

Poh Heng has some pretty stylish ones.

They even came up with Si Dian Zuan 四点钻, i.e. diamonds.

If you like a mixture of gold and diamond, eClarity has this lovely set...

Be more creative and daring. Get sapphires, emeralds, citrine, pink diamonds etc! (Picture from eClarity)

Or do some mix and match, play with designs, make it even more flexible. You got to have the most creative and stylish si dian jin ever. (Picture from Citigems)



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