I know I know, it's common to get a mock wedding cake or a multiple-tier cake where the bottom tiers are mock and only the top tier is real. Then the practice is that the bride and bridegroom should go up the stage to pretend to cut the cake after the march-in ceremony.

The act of making the first cut into the cake is to symbolize a shared future. It makes a nice gesture. Supposedly, there is a continuation to the tradition where the bride and bridegroom will feed each other the cake to symbolize that the groom will provide for the bride and the bride will share her possessions with him (not too sure if all girls want that). The rest of the cake is shared among the guests. The bridesmaids get to have some fun when they are supposed to be able to find something in the cake they received. It could be a tiny engagement ring (signifying the next to marry), a heart (she'll fall in love soon) or even a clover leaf (plenty of luck!). It is supposed to be that entertaining, joyous and fun.

But to cut into a fake cake...does that mean to pretend to share a future? And you definitely can't distribute the fake cakes or feed each other that. The practice has really turned into the case of "do for the sake of doing". *Shudder* This industry is somehow pretty adept at that.

Yet, the cons of having a real cake are cost and wastage. A real, multiple-tier cake that feeds 100 people, can cost around S$1,000. And hardly any guests got more stomach for cakes after the 8 to 10-course dinner.

From Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie, my all-time favourite image which I go goo-goo over.

Wedding cupcakes are excellent alternatives though. They cost probably half of that of a wedding cake and be brought back by the guests with ease. The guests could find some stuffs beneath each of their cupcakes. Who knows, one could create some games to get the guests more involved, spreading the excitement and joy. You can also select or even self-design the cupcakes for variety in colors, flavours, or to match your wedding theme.

From Cake Avenue, simple, sweet, perfect for a theme of vibrant colours.

From Fine Wedding Cakes. This would suit a white or colonial themed wedding.

From Cupcake Momma. Multiple-tier for effects of grandeur with a slight cutsie feel.



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