Since Clarie brought up the topic of money smarts, I have 2 money saving discoveries to share with you!

We all know that even the cheapest rented gowns start from around $1000 which is a lot of money... So how can we get our dream dresses AND not bust our budget in these tough times?

Take a guess at how much these 2 dresses cost.

I would have thought the first dress, with its details and lace, would be more expensive than the second. In reality, first dress from A Sprinkling of Magic is less than S$200 while the other dress from designer Jenny Packham would set you back at US$4500!!!

So if you are looking for a steal without sacrificing design, local is the way to go.  A Sprinkling of Magic produces ethereal one of a kind gowns all below S$200. Another great place is Bridal Closet, a one stop shop with a wider range of offerings from sweet ROM dresses to princess gowns to evening wear to glamourous gowns for Mums and Mums in laws! They are all for rent so you don't have to worry about gown preservation after your big day. At prices below S$400, none of them will make a dent in your pocket.

~ Ilane



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