We like this particular thing called the personal touch. After all, we are quite sick of receiving wedding favors that are borne out of mass production. Candles, salt and pepper shakers, wine shots, cap openers, paperweights, coasters....it's getting predictable.

How about badges? It is easy and cheap to personalize them. Badges with a personal message, a caricature, cartoons or something to do with LOVE? Oh one more thing, please try not to print your picture on the badge though... as much as your guests love you, it's way too egoistic, not unless you are a superstar and you invited your fans.

Apparently, the couple had literally personalized every badge for each guest. Guest A likes cars a lot, so get him a badge displaying cars and so on. I call that overwhelming sincerity.

I found this in Esty's Button Empire. Though it says nothing about the bride and the groom, the message brings cheer to the guests. This is what I call, putting your ego aside.

If you have a themed wedding, good for you! Badges can be easily made to be in sync with the theme. In this case, the couple is a pair of nature lovers and hence the flora and fauna. Found also in Button Empire.

To print in volumes and save shipping costs, online stores are worth a try. Printeet allows free shipping and according to the lady boss, volume discounts are applicable. You can simply upload your desired picture, add in a message if you wish.



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