We all know how the most beautiful shoes can be such a pain for the feet. I don't know how the ladies in Sex and The City pulled it off in those killer heels, but I am sure the orthopedist would not have approved of it. Brides-to-be who are going to be on their feet more than anyone else, do take comfort into consideration!

Kiera Air Sandal, a product collaboration by Cole Haan and Nike Air. It has a concealed air cushioning, meaning, you can jump and run in this pair of heels!

Rainbow Club, a shoemaker based in UK, is well-known for comfort fit for brides. For those whose feet shape are like mine, i.e. wide, Rainbow Club has some designs just for that. Best of all, the shoes are guaranteed to be dyeable, meaning you're going to get some extra miles for the shoes after the wedding. Or maybe if you decide to take up our idea of a colorful wedding shoes!



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