DIY with Love 10/01/2008

Don't just DIY because you are on a budget. Do it because it is out of love. This was what I learnt from my sister whom I got to make my solemnization poster. It turned out to be a big hit with the guests, photographer and videographer. By chance, Style Me Pretty is holding a DIY contest for weddings. I submitted my sister's work. Meanwhile, I would like to share with my readers, her step-by-step guide. It's pretty lengthy but it will leave you very inspired.

" Art is to think out of box, to create something out of nothing, to personify each and every used material, every lifeless flat pictorial image and allow it to spring to life on paper. Art is also to instill energy and character to each of my portraits, to depict them as closely adhering to their usual lifestyle, mentally noting their habits (scratch head, adjust glasses, blink eyes,, pout lips, slouch, how they smile, talk, every little habitual movement etc.

Step by Step Guide

1. Look out for each individual glaring characteristic.

2. What defines him differently from the rest?

3. Why does the difference bring out the difference, what causes the difference?

4. Strongly believe each person has a beautiful feature. Focus on finding that feature, which can be character wise, physical traits- that sparking smile, shiny thick hair, wisdom spectacled eyes….

5. Lifestyle of the person, what are his hobbies, his likes, his dislikes, his experiences, people usually associated with, places he go or visit, place he works at, the way he dresses…, I usually interact with the person to be drawn to understand more about him…

6. Focus on the theme, according to request. In the case of designing the wedding poster for my sister, I want to depict a fun, loving, most important YOUNG couple who is high spirited and energetic.
Where can I throw this youth into? Associate with youngster hippy favorite poses which I link with the candid photos my sister took with her hubby. Observe through the photos, how her hubby has a way of hugging her, how he smile when he is around her, how he places his arm around her protectively. Affectionate, loving are some powerful emotions, though which are really beyond words.With every stroke of my black lead pencil, I want to bring out these emotions.

7. Interaction with my sister: .She loves Greek-inspired wedding dresses…. I drew out her little fairyland fantasies, the flowing sheer silk of the Greece robe-wise dress, the romantic alluring enchanting Everland…a princess feeling.Features decided on: A bed of roses is a must, puffy princess puff sleeves, doves with ribbons to rejoice the happiness and bless the couple

8. What define them as couple? The exchange and possession of the wedding bands

9. I went with the flow. After drawing the picture I start working on a 3-Dimensional perspective, thuscoming up with a bit likewise of paper tote idea, puffing up the bottom with 3-D photos of roses,encircling them with warmth, bless them with love, warmth of the beating passionate hearts."



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