My friend J is getting married next Feb and designing her own invite. She wants to make it truly unique but has no idea where to start.

For most of us, the first impression guests will form of your wedding is from your invites. That's why I think it is really important to create something that reflects the bride's & groom's personality and wedding theme.

I have found some beautiful invites for J (not necessarily for weddings). Hope these will serve as inspiration for you too.

~ Ilane

The ornate border, cursive writing and choice of colours makes this a very classic card.   

Colours are the easiest way to set a wedding theme particularly 'odd' combinations like red and aqua, chartreuse and purple, purple and silver. These eye-catching combinations are sure to make an impact!

Prints are another fun way to set the tone.

Seldom seen, 60' mod polka dots.

I like how this reminds me of old school pop corn holders way before there were any advertisements on it.

For avid golfers, here's an argyle invitation which will definitely be a talking point.

Yee Haw! Cowboy Western anyone?

For the glamourous couple. If you want to go the DIY route, look for rhinestone buckles and ribbons at Spotlight and wrap these around your invitations.

Quirky motifs. This is a love birds theme.

Abstract and Modern.

This is another favourite of mine. All the traditional elements but updated for current times.

And finally, we can all take a leaf from Eva Longoria's (Desperate Housewives) wedding Invitation. Her wedding was held in France, hence the Eiffel Tower. You can based your wedding invite on where he proposed, where your favourite vacation spot was, where the wedding will be held or even where your honeymoon will be. Though the honeymoon motif might be better saved for the Thank You cards.

All of the featured cards are available at Etsy with the exception of Eva Longoria's of course.



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