Oh Rainy Day 10/01/2008

Brides and grooms tend to worry about the weather. Too hot, sweat like pig. Too gloomy, bad for photography. Rain, go home and cry. Ok, I am exaggerating but you get my drift. Weather is even more important when you hold an alfresco wedding. But the Italians have this saying, a wet bride is a lucky bride. And I heard of another saying of how rain is a shower of blessings. Of course, never forget to look snazzy even if it rains. Umbrellas are really useful for that effect. Remember to prepare in advance if your wedding is during the monsoon period.

Found in Style Me Pretty. Stock up on pink umbrellas to contrast the colours worn by your bridesmaids. Giordano pinks are pretty nice.

Add in some bright blues among the pink for a more photographic effect. Also from Style Me Pretty.

This was the wedding for a couple celebrities. Go green.



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