Or were theatres your favourite paktor spot? Why not consider a movie-themed wedding then?

Throw a Popcorn + Martini party for all your girlfriends at The Screening Room. Book their private theatre, indulge in Sex and The City, chick flicks or slasher flicks and scream the house down.

After that, adjourn to the Rooftop bar with gorgeous views of the city and thrash the bride! Same for the bachelor. Though the choice of drinks and movies might be different. Or not. ;)

 While we are on Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, why not host a couple shower? Since the Jie Meis and Siong Dis typically don't run in the same circles, it would be a great chance for your bridesmaids to get to know your groomsmen.  And who knows, the Jie Meis can take the opportunity to suss the guys out and modify their door games accordingly! Just a thought.

For invitations, look for inspiration in the old school movie ticket or favourite movie poster. Bride on a budget? Ask around for a Poly graphic design student to customise an invitation for you.

And lastly, isn't a popcorn table number just a fabulous idea? Something to fill up the guests too as they wait for dinner to start. Can even personalise with your wedding photo shoots on the other side.

~ Ilane



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