It can get overwhelming to meet so many wedding vendors. What questions to ask? Am I getting the most out of their packages? That was how I felt.

First rule of thumb, for each service you require, always source for at least 3 vendors and 1 of them should have a higher end package. That way you know what you are missing out. And if you decide to go with the more affordable vendor, try asking if they can throw in some freebies or extra stuff at a discount.

Secondly, besides mentally ticking off a checklist, spend some time getting to know your vendors. Particularly their style of working, their personality and the results. If in doubt, don't be afraid to ask for their references. Sometimes the best package might not come with the ideal person or results. You definitely don't want an overbearing photographer on your wedding day ordering your family and friends around. Or the cheapest flowers but really awful arrangements.

Lastly, here are the checklists I used to assess my vendors. They help a lot!
What to ask your venue?
What to ask your caterer?
What to ask your baker?
What to ask your bridal salon?
What to ask your photographer?
What to ask your videographer?
What to ask your florist?
What to ask your planner?
What to ask your officiant?
What to ask your musician/deejay?

All the best! Ilane



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