For obvious economic reasons, you decide to skip hiring the wedding planner. Faced with a enormous pile of tasks to do, either you pare it down to short and simple, or you get organized. Since this is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime event, the reluctance to make it too simple will mean you better get proper organization.

Fret not. There are resources out there to help you get focused and systematic. You have your pick of pen and paper, software programme or good old simple Excel spreadsheet.

I first found this book in Wood Would at The Cathay. What I like about this book is the concept of togetherness, that a wedding is organized not by one but by two people. Both partners' opinions are to be written down in the book. Then, the book help the users to organize their thoughts through categories of budgets, guests lists, decorations, rings, timeline etc. A list of priorities is being built up via this method. No more haphazard mad rush, no more wastage of resources, no more post-buyer syndrome.

For the computer savvy people who have forgotten how to use pen and paper. iDO wedding by Elm Software.

ExtraOrdinary Weddings have created an Excel spreadsheet for budgeting. It's very simple to use and cater for almost all races and religions.



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