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if you say that you are somebody who failed your sec 1 english - honestly, i wouldn't have guessed!   What a detailed job you have put together!!!   Its really good and i enjoyed thumbing the dictionary to find out what Epiphany, Endomorphs, Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs are.....gosh... biology terms used in secondary school and yet you remembered...
~ Belinda, Loe and Behold, Singapore

Enjoyed reading the cut to the chase, unpretentious and the quirky sharing. Also, I believe many couples will benefit from the wedding manual despite of its simplicity.Could it be the first step to create a virtual wedding planner? Fruit for thought?
~ Gobbs, Forest Creatives, Singapore

wonderful book both comprehensive and helpful esp for brides to be who do not know where to start.
~ Eve

Clarie is hardly boring! You should correct that on your description. :) The wedding manual is a good start for any bride hoping to navigate the bridal industry.
~Ilane Foo, Singapore

I enjoyed your style of writing. Breezy, comforting, friendly, relaxed and yet with a sense of excitement and anticipation! The Wedding Manual is short and sweet.. giving enough information to start in the planning process without being cluttered with details. When I get married, I'll be referring to your Wedding Manual :D So thanks!
~Sally Elisha Tang, Singapore

sweeet and comprehensive.. good job clarie :) this manual will surely come in useful for anyone planning for a wedding :)
~ Liane Wong, Singapore

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