Animations 09/29/2008

As part of sharing your joy with the guests, you might want to tell them about you and your life partner, how both of you go together, what are the desirable or undesirable stuffs about each other etc. Photo montages is a popular practice. For those who seek a more humorous, less geeky, cuter look, animations are recommended. Guests appreciate such entertainment and you have a memorable keepsake after the event. Animations is a channel of communication to your guests, keeping your wedding theme coherent and understandable.

Coffee & Tea Dreamworks offer 4 kinds of animation -  cartoon, head-toon, special and photo. Each animation lasts 3 to 5 minutes and follow a storyline that the bride and bridegroom will write to the producers at least 2 months before the presentation. The mascots are personalized and you get to select two songs for the animation.

For a DIY couple, the online DIY Love Story offers 2 types of cartoon animation, manga or chibi style and charges according to number of scenes. With the mascots done up by you yourself, you can even use it for posters at the event. Sweet.



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