About Clarie

Once upon a time, Clarie could not write well. She failed her Secondary 1 English test, had a hard time passing her General Paper (GP) in Junior College and her honors thesis supervisor was exasperated by her writing. Nonetheless, writing to her is a safe haven where she can express better than talking. At least, she can be really blunt in her writing and a few minutes of consideration later, she can moderate it. Without people knowing.

She always wanted to get married and have a small family. And when she did, she wondered why.

She is also thinking of becoming a writer of storybooks, but she suspect she might become psychotic, given her overly vivid imagination. But when she does come up with a storybook, do support her okie???

About Ilane

Heya! Thanks for wanting to know more about us. I'm Ilane, recent transplant to the bright lights of Hollywood. Nope, I am not an aspiring actress but am every bit as idealistic. While planning for my nuptials here, I re-connected with Clarie (my JC mate whom I had not spoken with for 8 years) who coincidentally was planning hers as well. Over countless online messages, we traded gossip, life ideals AND wedding ideas. Planning for a wedding in US is a full time job. There is no one size fits all package and every vendor from photography to attire to transportation has to be sourced. Sure, it is more troublesome but at the end of the day, I am going to have the most awesome and personal wedding.

Clarie is an offbeat bride and in Singapore where everything is presented on a platter, it's not easy to be one. So I became a loyal fan when she published The Wedding Manual and set up this blog.  I love to write and has always dreamt of being a columnist, novelist or even *wink wink* a famous blogger. When Clarie invited me to co-author her blog, I leapt at the chance. I hope to bring you all the latest wedding ideas from US and show how easy they are to replicate so you can add that little touch of magic to your wedding.

Yay to all offbeat brides!