Signage 09/29/2008

You want to tell your guests when they arrive, Welcome to Our Wedding. All the more you want to make sure they feel assured that it is the right place, especially when it's a "hot" day and there's more than 1 bridal couple sharing the same hotel, same floor, ballrooms next to each other etc.

Short of pulling out a A4 size paper with names scribbled on it, take advantage of signages as decorations or even complementing your wedding theme.

Get a carplate made, involve it in your photoshoot, put it up as a signage for the dinner and after the event, put it up on the wall in your new love nest. Multi-Purpose!

My artistic sister drew a couple caricature for us for use on our Solemnization Day. She requested two pictures of us, used watercolors to give some texture feel, cut out pictures of roses and precious moments to give more layering effects. Our florist then put up the picture on the wall, with two richly coloured rose petals taped next to it. It drew marvels from our guests that day.

Wedding movie posters have been a rather popular sights in recent times. I guess the saying is that life is like a movie. And after all, weddings can be pretty egoistic. I spotted this arty poster that looks like some award-winning movie from Picturehouse in printpalette.



Wed, 01 Oct 2008 00:04:37

I learn something new everytime I log in here!


Thu, 04 Aug 2011 23:54:32

Planning your wedding can be one of the most important things ever do in life, it is important that you plan carefully, and really give you the opportunity to plan in time for your also need a menu Ideal to go with it. You can always choose all your favorite foods to your magical day, but you can also add an air of winter, such as soup or pumpkin pie and hot cocoa. You might also consider receiving wine or spiced eggnog. You can use ice sculptures or placing a snow globe on top of your cake.


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