Welcome Onboard! 09/29/2008

The Wedding Manual Wedlogging welcomes a new co-author, my friend, ILANE!

I know her all the way from junior college times when we were struggling with studies, fancying boys, going gaga over the latest shoes, socks, bags etc. Then we lost touch for many years and until most recently, we found each other on Blogs and Facebook. Some things don't change. We still talk about men and fashion.

Now, ilane is staying with her husband in the States and is freaky busy preparing for the wedding in LA. Wedding preparations in the States is a whole lot different from what we get in Singapore. The brides-to-be are much more proactively involved in the States. They focus on themes, look into minute details like tablecloths, personalized tags and favours, going to the extent of choosing their own hairdo, seeking high and low for the perfect gown and shoes. Having browsed through so many wedding sites from the States, it made me feel that a wedding is truly a matter of self-expression, independence and freedom. That's something we locals can reference from.

And I thought, why not get Ilane to share her experiences of organizing a wedding in LA? This lady is just spilling with ideas. So, Welcome Onboard, Ilane!



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