My favorite line is "Nothing is too small to be neglected in a wedding". What's more if it's the attire of the bridesmaids and bridesmen. Some couples have deep pockets to have uniform dresses and shirts, coats made or rented for their supporting crew. For those who don't, there are minute details like the men's ties, the women's hair accessories or even umbrellas (yes, again!).

Black for the bridesmaids, white for the bride. Big contrasts make the bride stand out even more. Though the Chinese' older generations might not like it a lot.

This blue and brown theme is lovely. To cut costs, you can just get common ties that are blue and brown with the bridesmen's own white shirts.

Even if the bridesmen are not willing to carry pink umbrellas, during the test to prove the groom is worthy of the bride, the bridesmaids can force them to dance with it. Coupled with pink striped ties and white shirts, what a fresh picture it makes!

Don't forget your dog if you have one.



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